Five Ways to Celebrate Summer Solstice

Five Ways to Celebrate Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice falls each year on June 21st, and signifies the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. The day we welcome the season of summer. It’s a date that marks the sun at it’s highest point in the sky during the year. One that has been celebrated for hundreds of years and is particularly significant for many of those walking a spiritual path.

Celebrate the Sun

Summer Solstice is a day to celebrate light. The warmth and light that the sun gifts us with, but it’s also an opportunity to honour and acknowledge the light we all hold within ourselves. The same light that connects us to the light of all consciousness, reminding us of our unity within the cosmos. Light is often symbolic of ones awakening, growth and accession, summer solstice gifts us with the opportunity to spend some time connecting to the inner light within our own being.

Celebrate and honour nature

Summer solstice is a very important time to celebrate and honour Mother Earth and everything she gifts us with. A time to be thankful for how she continues to cradled us in our existence and provides us with everything we need to survive on this planet. Summer solstice is a day where you should feel connected to the outside world. Get outside and breathe in the fresh air, walk amongst trees and feel the earth under your feet. Acknowledge the innate beauty of our planet and all of the sentient beings we share it with. Spend some time this day to reflect on everything this earth provides for us with and contemplate what actions large or small you can personally take to ensure we take better care of her.

Inner Reflection

Summer solstice is the perfect day to spend some time connecting to your own spiritual nature. A day that symbolises the return of Great Father Spirit. A day to honour our divine wholeness and the interconnection of all things. Summer Solstice is a powerful day to take your meditation practice outside, connecting you with the earth energies, and check in with your emotional and spiritual self. A day to slow down, to rest and reflect. A day to be gentle and kind with yourself. Reconnecting with life’s divine plan. A day that gifts us with an opportunity to check in with ourselves deeply, to reflect on our journey so far, and explore where we may or may not sense we are heading. It’s a beautiful time to be still and just breathe. A day to simply honour ourselves, our teachings, our lessons and our divine wholeness in this journey of life.

New Beginnings

Summer solstice represents change, a change of season, a change of energies and a reminder that within our own lives change is always a constant presence. This day is a good day to relax into this knowing. If you are someone who is experience change at this time, take some time to sit with how you are feeling. Allow yourself to relax and reflect on how change is inevitable, one way or another, nothing ever stays the same. Summer Solstice represents the fire element, a powerful energy of change. A powerful time to practice acceptance and trust.

Honour the Solstice Energies

It is said that Summer Solstice is representative of the highest point of energy of the year. A time where both the planet and all beings upon it are gifted with the full power of the sun, and all is illuminated in its power. A day to enjoy the heightened energies around us, and be grateful for the days ahead that will gift us with warmth and light. It’s also a reminder as the longest day of the year, that despite the sun filled hours ahead, the days on the calendar are also slowly getting shorter, preparing us for the coming months of winter. A gentle reminder of the beautiful cycle of the seasons and the circle of life.