Focus on: Black Howlite

Focus on: Black Howlite

Black Howlite is a borate mineral which was discovered in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1868. A rather beautiful stone, it also goes by many different names including White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, White Turquoise and Kaolinite.
It is said to resemble a spider’s web in its configuration and colouring due to the black, brown or grey veining within its natural white or light grey colour. Often, the stone is dyed green, blue or red to resemble either a turquoise or a coral, but this doesn’t affect its healing properties.

The Benefits of Using Black Howlite

All of us from time to time come to a point where we can’t see the wood for the trees, where we are unsure which path to take in life or we simply can’t get our heads around the things that are happening around us. In times of confusion and doubt wouldn’t it be wonderful to find something which can help to unblock the path to truth and enlightenment? Howlite is a stone which represents awareness, and which helps you to better understand not only the world around you but also helps you to better understand yourself and your place in the world. It helps you on the path towards greater wisdom and clarity.

A Great Stress Reliever

In this increasingly stressful world the need to take time out to gather your thoughts is more important than ever. Meditation is a great help for when life gets a little too hectic or just for when you need a little mindful solitude, calmness and serenity in order to banish distracting and stressful thoughts from your mind. Howlite helps in this purpose by providing the calmness of mind you need to truly focus on your well-being.

Let Go of the Negatives

As you travel through life it is inevitable that you will collect emotional pain along the way whether through unhealthy relationships, bad experiences or disappointments. It can sometimes be difficult to see a way past these and let them go. The power of Howlite works its magic by helping you overcome the negative thoughts and experiences that are holding you back and bringing you down. It helps give you the strength to banish discontentment, to analyse and reassemble your emotions and ultimately bring you towards finding peace and happiness.

Love Yourself and Banish Self-doubt

When things and events get on top of you and you feel your world spinning out of control you can start to internalise negativity and worry. Sometimes this can lead to feelings of anger, unreasonableness and even self-doubt. Eventually you can become too self-critical or even thoughtless towards others and this can set up a spiral of low self-esteem and critical behaviour. Howlite helps to banish self-doubt and self-criticism and the stone’s energies give strength to your character and your inner capacity for positivity in all aspects of your life, whether dealing with others or seeking improvements in your day to day life.
You will even find that your powers of communication improve dramatically as Howlite gives you the confidence and inner strength to express your thoughts and wishes to others. This is a great confidence booster as you become more adept and forthright whether at work or in your personal life. You will find that your powers of creativity and motivation grow too as the stone’s energies enable you to focus on new ideas in order to progress and build on what you already have.

Don’t Waste Time Waiting for a Lottery Win!

Howlite improves your focus and helps you to make new ideas work for you, including your financial aspirations. You’ll find that all your plans for bettering your bank balance start to come to fruition as the stone’s energies help you to make inspired decisions and attract wealth and prosperity. Howlite can show you how to generate your own luck.

The Power of Love

Howlite’s greatest strength lies in its ability to help you understand relationships and how to improve them by calming your emotions and helping you express your feelings in an agreeable and constructive way.

The Best Way to Use Howlite

Howlite is often incorporated into jewellery or decorative items but simply placing a stone into your pocket or purse can be very effective in helping to deflect harmful emotions and thoughts and ensure peace and serenity instead. Place a stone under your pillow at night to help make sense of your dreams. If your emotions are particularly heightened and your thoughts are churning, boost the power of your Howlite by combining it with other stones and crystals like Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Peridot or Blue Lace Agate. Pair it with Amber or Chrysophase to bolster your patience when dealing with difficult people or situations.

Look after your Howlite carefully by keeping it in a soft cloth or pouch. Avoid exposure to chemicals, excess water or perspiration and only use lukewarm, soapy water to clean it; dry thoroughly with a soft cloth to remove any residue.
When you need comfort and clarity and your world is crying out for order, Howlite is the stone of choice.