How to bring your wishes to life using the new moon

How to bring your wishes to life using the new moon

The beginning of the lunar phase, new moon, is a beautiful time to sow seeds of intention for the cycle ahead. 

The beauty of working in line with the moon, is that it helps to connect you to the natural rhythms of Mother Earth, as well as providing you with a regular opportunity to re-evaluate your goals and wishes to ensure that they are still aligned with you and for your highest good.

New Moon, new beginnings

The new moon is when we can see no moon at all – the sky is at its darkest. Once the new moon has occurred it will begin to grow again (waxing) until the mid point of the cycle (full moon), before it starts to appear smaller (waning) as it makes its way back towards the new moon once more. 

Each phase lasts roughly 29.5 days as the moon completes an orbit around the earth. We can see more or less of it depending on how much is being lit up by the sun. 

So you can think of each new moon and lunar phase as a fresh start. 

How to bring your wishes to life using the new moon…


Before setting new intentions take some time to let go of anything you are not wishing to take into the new phase. This is ideal to do just before the new moon, so take a little time and reflect on any of your goals or wishes that don’t feel like they belong anymore, or any outdated beliefs that might be holding you back. 

You can journal on the questions… 

  • What is no longer serving my highest good?’
  • What feels heavy in my life that is ready to be let go?
  • What is holding me back from leading my dream life? 

Clear your space

Declutter and cleanse your space both physically and energetically – this helps to get rid of any old and stagnant energy and creates a beautiful opening for new energy to be welcomed into. This can be anything from getting rid of old clothes and throwing rubbish away to clearing out your emails and unfollowing anyone you don’t resonate with on social media. 

You can also use crystals to support you such as Selenite and Clear Quartz, smudge sticks and incense to burn away old residues, or essential oils in a diffuser to support and purify the air in your space. 

Create sacred space

Take some time to create a sacred space where you can sit and set your intentions. Light a candle (we love the Healing Moon Candle ) get a journal ready and bring any special objects such as crystals or items you have gathered from nature to create a little new moon altar to help visualise your intentions. 

Meditate with your wisest self

Take some time to find stillness, and connect to your inner wisdom through meditation. Either find a guided meditation that supports you in this, or simply allow yourself some time to sit and listen in for any wisdom to arrive. If you find yourself distracted, using a Mala can help to anchor you. We love working with the Healing Moon Mala which is soothing and powerful to support new beginnings. 

Make your wish list

Soon after the new moon has occurred, take some time to reflect on what you wish to welcome in over this next lunar phase and beyond. Let yourself dream bravely and boldly, and take a note of all the things that you would like to see come to life. 

Some journal questions you can consider…

  • What would I like to see come to life by the next new moon?
  • What would my wisest self like me to know about my next steps?
  • What does my heart truly wish for? 

When you have written them all down, you can close your new moon intention setting ritual by simply saying the words. ‘And so it is.’ 


When you have written all of your wishes down, take some time to let them settle in and imagine them coming to life. Over the days after the new moon you can take time to refine these intentions if you wish. Some may not feel as important as others, new ones may arise, let yourself spend time with your wishes in order to plant the seeds and remember that nothing is permanent so there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ wishes or goals. 

Moving forwards

Don’t forget to take action – as the moon begins to wax make sure you are taking gentle, aligned action steps towards your wishes. They don’t need to be huge big steps – but do keep taking  forward moving momentum to help ensure that your wishes are nurtured and are given the opportunity to thrive.  

It is a beautiful sentiment to consider that no matter what is occurring in your life, you are never far away from a new moon and a chance to embody the energy of new beginnings again.