How to Cleanse Your Space

How to Cleanse Your Space

How to cleanse your space

When you are devoting yourself to any kind of ritual or practice, it is beautiful to start by cleansing your space. Consider it like wiping your chopping board clean before you start to prepare food!

Here are five simple, practical, ways you can cleanse your space before you begin any form of sacred practice, whether that be meditation, yoga, journaling, contemplation, or any other spiritual ritual you enjoy. 


It sounds very obvious, but the phrase ‘an untidy space, an untidy mind’ so often rings true. It isn’t always practical to have a totally clear space with no clutter – but if you can even bring just a little more spaciousness to your practice area that can make a difference. 

If you have an altar – keep it clear of anything that isn’t sacred to you. If you have a yoga mat, or a space in a room with a meditation cushion, keep it free of things that are not relevant to the practice. Actively take time before you settle into your practice to clear away anything that might feel like it blocks or drains your energy. 

Essential Oils

A lovely way to bring a sense of cleansing energy into your space is through the use of essential oils. Using a diffuser is one way of bringing the oils into your sacred space, but a simpler way – which can be part of your ritual – can be using a spray with purified water and spritzing it into your space. Oils such as lavender, lemon, frankincense, peppermint and orange can offer a cleansed and refreshed aroma. Always make sure you use oils with caution if they are going to be on the skin. 


Certain crystals can be used as a form of protection to bring a grounding energy into your space. Crystals such as smoky quartz and black tourmaline can help protect, while selenite and clear quartz can clear negative energy. If you want to learn more about which crystals could support you click this blog here.

Smoke Cleansing, Smudging and Saining

When we talk about smoke cleansing many of us automatically think of smudging which is an ancient sacred ritual used by Native Americans, but smoke cleansing has been used by many other other cultures for thousands of years. In the UK smoke cleansing was used by the Druids, Celtic people and Pagans. In Scottish ancient folk magic it’s a practice known as Saining. Smoke Cleansings involves burning various different plants, grasses and other herbs, which has been said to have many potential benefits, including helping to clear negative energy. Please do ensure you purchase your sage or smoke cleansing blends ethically. It is advised that you have a shell or ceramic dish to collect any ash from the sage.

How to use sage to cleanse your space… 

  1. Set your intention for your sacred smoke cleansing ritual. Always take a few moments to centre yourself and sit in stillness prior to your smoke cleansing practice.
  2. Light your smoke cleansing stick or smoke cleansing blend with a match and blow out any flames after a few seconds until it smokes. 
  3. Use the stick to cleanse your own personal energetic field first.
  4. Gently and intentionally wave the smoke stick or lit blend and the smoke into the space you would like to clear. 
  5. Use the dish to collect any ash underneath it. 
  6. Make sure the smoke stick is fully extinguished at the end of your clearing practice. 
  7. Always return any cool ash or remainder of the cleansing blend to the earth, thanking the spirits of the plants and herbs you have used.

If this modality appeals to you then check out our Space Clearing Sets here.

Using your words

It sounds so simple, but using your words, a mantra, or a simple invitational prayer is a beautiful way to clear your space. Ask for any negative energy to leave your space before inviting protection and a blessing to your practice. Words are energy remember. 

You can do one of these, or all of them and more – the most important thing to do is to infuse the process with the intention of clearing away energy and debris that might prevent you from getting the most from your practice. 

We hope you found this blog on how to cleanse your space useful and of benefit for your spiritual practice.