Meet Our Talented Mala Makers

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Meet Our Talented Mala Makers

The true essence of Elizabeth Caroline is our genuine desire to try to do good in the world. All that we do is influenced by the beautiful wisdom and the truth Elizabeth’s Buddhist teachers have shared with her over the course of the past two decades. We always strive to try to make mindful and thoughtful decisions which prioritises welfare and sustainability above all else.

We have always drawn inspiration from emotional connections and by opportunity to create a sustainable business that brings employment opportunities to those who might not otherwise have work.

That is the reason our sacred mala beads are made by our wonderful female artisans who live in the holy city of Rishikesh in India. A beautiful city of ashrams, spiritual seekers and the sound of temple bells. Rishikesh is considered to be the yoga capital of the world, It is known as the pilgrimage town and regarded as one of the holiest places to Hindus. It also houses some of the poorest people in northern India.

We work with a wonderful group of ladies who help us bring our visions of our malas designs to life.  Meet three of them, Savitri, Madhu and Deepa, all of whom live in Rishikesh and work with us on a regular basis, crafting our beautiful scared mala jewellery.



Elizabeth Caroline Mala Makers

The Process

Through the process of her meditation practice Elizabeth intuitively decides which gemstones and colours combinations she would like to work with. Drawing inspiration from spiritual teaching she has received, the elements, the seasons, or her own life lessons she has encountered. It is always a mindful and thoughtful process, nothing is left to chance or hurried in any way.

She will then liaise with her wonderful team in India sharing her ideas and thoughts on what she wants to create. Gemstones are always carefully chosen for their energetic and healing qualities, ensuring the ones chosen are ethically mined and sustainable.

Our wonderful mala makers will often choose the guru bead, string and colour tassels during the design process, as well as the combination of stones used within the actual design. Our ladies are very gifted in knowing which combinations work well energetically, honouring their spiritual values. Each mala is made by hand using traditional methods, respectful of the malas cultural history and spiritual essence.

Every one of our malas are then blessed using scared ancient rituals to activate their innate energetic qualities in Rishikesh prior to being sent over to the UK. They are then blessed again by Elizabeth herself prior to being boxed and sent with love to their new homes.

Purchasing any of Elizabeth Caroline’s sacred Mala Necklaces or Mala Bracelets means you are helping to empower and support wonderful women like Savitri, Mudha and Deepa, who would otherwise often be left with no means of employment or the capability of supporting themselves and their families. As a company we are passionate in continuing to work with our wonderful mala makers and to continue sharing their beautiful and gifted talents to the world