Elizabeth Caroline collection is designed to inspire and support the wearer on their own path of personal growth and happiness. Every piece has been designed with the intention of being so much more than just a beautiful piece of jewellery. Some designs are blessed with their own healing intention, others are symbolic of a particular life lesson or higher wisdom which has influenced its creation. The collection consists of mala jewellery, yoga mala bracelets, yoga mala necklaces and a selection of spiritually inspired charm pieces. Email: info@elizabethcaroline.co.uk Phone: +44 (0) 1732 353 233
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Blog / Our Ethos In Empowering Himalayan Female Artisans

Our Ethos In Empowering Himalayan Female Artisans

OM Shanti Mala on Elizabeth Caroline

Our Ethos In Empowering Himalayan Female Artisans

Our ethos has always been to run our company honestly, ethically and passionately.  We want to support and empower the talented artisans we work with.

It was imperative to us that our malas are always crafted authentically, and with love.  Honouring their spiritual and sacred history.

All of our japa malas are handcrafted in a holy city that sits high in the mountains of northern India, nestled within the foothills of the Himalayas.  It is a city of holy men, aspiring yogi’s, ashrams and the sound of temple bells.

Our talented female artisans are often living on the poverty line within the city, desperately trying to support themselves and their families.   They are paid a good and fair wage to craft our beautiful mala’s using traditional methods.  Elizabeth works in unison with these ladies designing pieces that are representative of their meaning and their healing intention.  Working alongside these ladies helps us play a small part in empowering women artisans in the area, and in turn supporting efforts to assist eradicating poverty in northern India.

It’s incredibly important to us to use ethically sourced gemstones that are also of the highest quality.  All of our malas are blessed using traditional rituals both by our Indian artisans in India and then again by Elizabeth, a qualified healer, before being sent out with love to our customers with love.

Next year, Elizabeth will flying out to the Himalaya’s with her friend and photographer Pete (who has shot all of our jewellery campaigns), to finally meet our artisans and the beautiful Indian city they live in.

We can’t wait to share the adventure with you all.