Seven ways to honour Winter Solstice

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Seven ways to honour Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere falls around 21st December and is the shortest day/longest night. It marks the official beginning of winter and is a time for turning inwards and truly honouring the rhythms of nature. 

It can be a contradictory time because of the outward energy of festive celebrations, but truly this is a time of year to retreat, to honour the time since Summer Solstice (around June 21st) and to rest and reflect. 

Here are some ways that we like to honour the winter solstice…

Spend time in nature

During the daytime, if you can, try and spend some time outdoors in natural light. Get as close to nature as you can and observe and be present to what you see at this time of year. Notice the colours, the smells, the light and spend time just soaking Mother Nature in. 

Cleanse and clear your space

This is a regular practice for us at any time of year, but particularly on the Winter Solstice we like to spend some time physically clearing out the old and making space for the new. Clean your home environment and bring in some Space Clearing practices (if you would like inspiration please check out this blog post) to help remove any unwanted energy.

Light a candle

The simple act of lighting a candle can be such a beautiful ritual. As you light it bring in an intention that you would like the element of fire to help you ignite and bring into your life. Let the flames flicker and purify any negative energy that you don’t want to carry forward. 


Coming to a still point and spending time nourishing the nervous system through meditation is a beautiful way to pause and create space for healing and reflection. If you would like to enjoy a reflective and sacred meditation to centre yourself, listen to this one created by Elizabeth on Insight Timer.  

Journaling and contemplation

Taking some time to reflect on the year gone by is a beautiful way to honour the Winter Solstice. Here are three questions you can spend some time exploring in a journal. Don’t worry about it being perfect, just write whatever flows. 

  • What am I grateful for?
  • What lessons have I learned over the past 6 months?
  • What do I want to let go of before the next cycle?

Yin and restorative yoga

The winter months are a perfect time to come to a slower, stiller space and rebalance ourselves – and we love doing restorative yoga and Yin yoga to support suppleness in the body, while also bringing a sense of gentleness. On the eve of Winter Solstice, wrap yourself up in cosy clothes and land on your yoga mat to embody the change of season. 

Soothe yourself in water

Let yourself be held in a warm and nurturing bath to help nourish the body. Infuse the water with your favourite oils and our Healing Ritual Bathing Blend, light candles, bring in a beautiful hot cup of tea and sink in to let the water wash away anything that no longer serves you. 

We hope that you feel inspired to create your own Winter Solstice ritual with some of these ideas. You can weave together all of the above, or simply pick one that calls to you the most. We hope that whatever you choose – you can gift yourself some sacred space to honour the shortest day and the longest night, Winter Solstice.