Spiritual jewellery

Spiritual jewellery

For centuries, religions of all kinds have given their followers small items of jewellery as a token of protection or symbolism to promote health and wellbeing. Spiritual jewellery carries on this ancient trend as different gems and charged crystals offer the wearer a range of powers and protections.
While spiritual gems and crystals are very popular right now, the ancient stones have been promoted for their health benefits for both the body and mind for years. Jewellery made from such precious materials can bring peace and serenity to the wearer.

How does spiritual jewellery work?

The soul has an undeniable physical connection to the body and so anything worn close to the skin is likely to leave its imprint on the spirit. Gems and crystals can be charged with psychic energy which transfers to the wearer when adorned in jewellery. Certain gems give off specific vibes and energy so depending on the type of stone the jewellery is made from, the effect on the wearer will be different.
For example, clear quartz is known as ‘the Master Healer’ and it connects with the higher chakras, allowing in a divine white light which helps to heal a variety of emotional and mental qualms. Citrine, an inviting yellow gemstone, is linked with removing financial blockages and encouraging prosperity. Amethyst helps to provide clarity in the mind and so can help reduce stress, anxiety and help resolve sleeping problems. There are a range of stone and gems all with different purposed and energy to help improve physical and mental wellbeing.

The types of jewellery the gem is set into, and where that sits on the body, can also affect the wearer in different ways and help the specific gems to transfer their energy.

Necklaces are particularly popular items of spiritual jewellery as they sit so close to the heart and this positioning is believed to have a greater impact on the flow of energy and feelings. Spiritual rings can offer guidance and help promote leadership or strengthen relationships and bonds. Jewellery worn in the ears or on the head have a stronger connection to the mind and can influence and improve mental wellbeing. Bracelets made with spiritual gemstones sit closely to the major arteries and veins and so can hold great sway over the flow of energy around the body. Bracelets compromising of anxiety and stress reducing gemstones are popular as they provide a focal point for calming energy but also allow that energy to flow from the wrist, all over the body.

Giving spiritual jewellery as a gift

All throughout the year there are celebrations such as Birthdays, Anniversaries and such that offer the perfect opportunity to break outside the box when it comes to gift giving, and spiritual jewellery can make for a unique gift which really speaks of the love and feeling behind it. As many people turn away from mass produced, impersonal gifts, spiritual jewellery is really coming into its own as the idea present for someone you really care about. As spiritual jewellery works because its energy is psychically and emotionally charged, giving a piece of gemstone jewellery as a gift can make the attributes of the stone even more potent.
If you are worried about somebody you care about, if they are stressed or ill, suffering mentally or emotionally; then a piece of spiritual jewellery makes for a thoughtful and practical gift. It shows that you listen and are aware of their struggles and your desire to help your loved one to overcome their toils, combined with your deep emotional connection to that person, will transfer to the piece of jewellery as you gift it. Your energy will combine with the stone to amplify its psychic and spiritual energy, making the gift not just a stunningly crafted piece of jewellery, but a powerful force with the strength to make big changes to the recipients physical and mental health.

Small but powerful spiritual jewellery for the body and mind

If you feel that either you, or someone you care about, could do with a psychic boost of spiritual and emotional energy then the right piece of jewellery could be the answer. You can wear it every day to get the most benefit without having to announce to the world that you are struggling. The rest of the world will see a beautifully crafted, elegance piece of jewellery but you will be reaping the benefits of its spiritual prowess. Bought as a gift for someone or a treat for yourself, spiritual jewellery is so much more than just something pretty.