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Blog / Top five healing crystals

Top five healing crystals

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Top five healing crystals

Madonna swears by them, Victoria Beckham uses them for confidence before a catwalk show, Katy Perry credits hers in helping her to recover from a broken heart; there is no doubt that healing crystal are getting plenty of media coverage and are somewhat fashionable right now. In fact for many years they have played their part in adornment of homes and people; whether it is a crystal bought as a housewarming present to sit prettily on a shelf, or one encased in a precious metal dangling from an ear lobe.

We increasingly see beauty products utilising the power of crystals to improve everything from skin to circulation, offering us that all important glow

But fashion and beauty fads are but a small part of what crystals can actually offer us in terms of our physical and emotional health and wellbeing. The reality is that healing crystals have been around for hundreds of years, whether it is the ancient Egyptians or the more modern Buddhist teachings we look to to learn about them; crystals have the ability to channel energy in the body to improve mental, physical and spiritual well being.

Here are the crystals that make our top five:


Highly regarded for its protective and healing properties, this beautiful blue stone is thought to increase inner calm and is often used to alleviate depression and anxiety. Indeed those who meditate report this stone as incredibly helpful in achieving a meditative state. In addition, turquoise has been linked to the thyroid and voice (sometimes described as a tool for communication), and to be particularly soothing for those who suffer headaches.


With a stunning purple hue, this stone is the one for you if you have trouble with your sleep as it is considered a natural tranquiliser. Slipped underneath your pillow, placed in the bedroom, or on the bedside table, the quality of your sleep should improve significantly. Amethyst is believed to help with stress and irritability; alleviating mood swings and dissipating negative feelings.


In keeping with its blood red colour, this stone is linked to restoration, detoxifying the body and blood, and stimulating the heart and reproductive organs. It symbolises vitality and zest for life and in activating the life force within us can help us to set goals and become more motivated. As well as this, it is said to enhance self love and make us more passionate! Rose quartz is great for self love and the energy of the heart too so if rubies are too costly for you, try this instead!


Whilst this stone is often associated with wealth and prosperity, there are so many other benefits that it would be wrong not to include citrine in the top five! It is a total power player, energising all those who wear it or keep it close. Increasing confidence and creativity it can be a useful aid in decision making and is sometimes referred to as a stone of the mind because it helps with clarity of thought. Use it to bring balance and relieve stress and anxiety. And that is not all, Citrine is also associated with benefits to the digestive system and helps regulate hormones.


This may not make it into other people’s top five crystal list, however I definitely feel it is worth inclusion because its long list of properties offer much, particularly for women, being associated with conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, as well as the menopause. Moonstone is also the stone of love and eroticism, stimulating both the kundalini energy and carnal desires. Strong on promoting intuition and balancing emotions, moonstone can soothe stress and anxiety, stabilise hormones and and help the digestive system. Oh and like the moon, it is beautiful too!