Meet Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Caroline is a renowned spa owner, energy worker, qualified healer and spiritual jewellery designer based in Kent.  During her career as a therapist,  she has worked with a list of high profile celebrities, with the likes of Ellie Goulding, Millie Mackintosh,  Sadie Frost and Nicola Roberts speaking publicly of her talents.   Elizabeth has always been influenced by her own personal life journey and quest to connect with her inner truth. Her path is an unconventional one: After the many years of witnessing some challenging events on a daily basis whilst serving in the Metropolitan Police she was inspired to explore spirituality.

Having qualified as a Spa and Level Four Sports Therapist, Elizabeth then studied at the International Pyschic College in London deepening her intuition and her understanding of working with energy. This led her  to seek teachings on Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness with a Buddhist and shamanic tutor for eighteen years. Due to these teachings a deep spirituality, love and respect infuses all she does.  Every piece of Elizabeth Caroline jewellery encapsulates her philosophy on life, channelling her experience and wisdom through pieces that bring joy to the hearts of others.

Elizabeth’s creations are not just about pretty pieces of jewellery, but something far deeper and meaningful – these pieces are crafted by hand with love and spiritual intention: a token of self-growth. Elizabeth believes jewellery isn’t just adornment but about energy: about healing, supporting, empowering and nurturing the wearer. Every piece is blessed before it makes its way to a new home, infused with love and positivity to be passed to its new owner.  In our stressful lives, it’s Elizabeth’s deepest hope that her gemstone jewellery makes a meaningful difference.  She offers a bespoke design service, where she uses her intuitive abilities to create unique pieces of spiritual jewellery that will resonate perfectly with wherever you are on your personal path of spiritual growth.

With the awareness that her spiritual journey is a continuous path to explore Elizabeth recently took the Zen Precepts whilst training with a Zen Buddhist Master to formally qualify as a Zen Mindfulness and Meditation Tutor in the UK. Her true essence is her genuine desire to do good in the world, and continue to strive to live an ‘upright life’.  Her Dharma name, given to her by her Zen teacher is ‘Zendo Dai Mon’, it translates to ‘Zenways Great Gate.’  A beautiful reminder of her most sincere hope that in some way, no matter how small, through her experience and teachings she can guide others through the great gate of mindfulness and compassion. Leading them to discover a calmer, more mindful and joyful existence; That their time spent on this planet might be happier, more content, more kind and peaceful. 

Elizabeth lovingly creates her jewellery within her studio in the beautiful Kent countryside, where she resides with her husband and their beloved Hungarian Vizsla Bodhisattva and rescue cat Shanti.  She will be launching her Zen Mindfulness and Meditation Courses later this autumn.  

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