Elizabeth Caroline collection is designed to inspire and support the wearer on their own path of personal growth and happiness. Every piece has been designed with the intention of being so much more than just a beautiful piece of jewellery. Some designs are blessed with their own healing intention, others are symbolic of a particular life lesson or higher wisdom which has influenced its creation. The collection consists of mala jewellery, yoga mala bracelets, yoga mala necklaces and a selection of spiritually inspired charm pieces. Email: info@elizabethcaroline.co.uk
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Find the Right Mala Beads for Your Meditation Practice

“Mala” is a Sanskrit word for “meditation garland”. Mala beads originated in India almost 3000 years ago and were used for a special type of meditation called Japa. Today, yogis, yoga practitioners and people on a journey of spirituality buy mala beads to serve as an impactful reminder to be in the present moment.

A mala is a string of 108 beads with one bigger bead as the central focus, called the sumeru or guru bead. These beads help people focus during meditation or guide them as they keep count while chanting or mentally repeating mantras. Traditionally carried in the right hand, the mala is held between the index and middle fingers, with the thumb used to count the smaller beads, beginning from the guru bead.

Choosing mala beads can be an exciting but overwhelming process. With its current popularity, more and more beautiful mala bead designs are now available across the globe. When it comes to selecting the right mala bead for you, there is no right or wrong way of doing it. All you need is to set your intention, connect to your intuition and research about different types of mala beads.