Bakuchiol Facial Elixir

Bakuchiol Facial Elixir


If cosmetic scientists love anything it’s an ingredient with a cool sounding name that actually works and has good solid data behind it. Enter bakuchiol (bak-coo-chee-ol), retinol’s younger hippy sister!
Bakuchiol is a pure active compound extracted from the Babchi plant. It is known as the natural alternative to Retinol (but without the irritation often caused by topical retinol when placed on the skin). The Babchi plant is used in Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and is thought to have calming, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.As a qualified facialist with a list of celebrity clients, Elizabeth swears by this oil and it is in fact her go to night serum Elixir.

Directions:  Apply 4-5 drops on to the finger tips and massage gently into the face and neck. Can be used on it’s own or as an oil based serum under your day or night cream.

Supersized 60ml Bottle

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