Centred and Sacred Meditation Candle

Centred and Sacred Meditation Candle


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Sacred and Centred Blend:  A meditation candle to ground the spirit and support the lower chakras. Centering and stabilising the subtle energies of the body.  Green Orange and Thyme is a gorgeous sophisticated fragrance, with an initial fresh citrus burst of Green Orange and Lime with a subtle blend of herbs and a wonderful scent of Mediterranean cologne. A good choice for the over thinkers and worriers of the world.

The Elizabeth Caroline Meditation Collection, five sacred scents designed to aid your meditation or yoga practice, and invite balance to the subtle energies of the body.

The energy of a place or space can directly impact how we feel both emotionally and spiritually. Burning candles can not only help set our intentions surrounding our practice, but they can also cleanse space, aiding both our healing path and spiritual practices.

Each candle aroma has been developed to support a particular area of ones life or spiritual practice.  Elizabeth will  be launching a series of short meditation downloads which can accompany each candle scent.

Size: 30cl burn time 30 hours

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