Crow Totem Gemstone Necklace

Crow Totem Gemstone Necklace


Connect with your spiritual animal and let them guide you.  If you have a crow as a totem, you need to be willing to walk your talk and speak your truth. You must put aside your fear of being a voice in the wilderness and “caw” the shots as you see them. Crow is an omen of change. If he keeps appearing to you he may be telling you that you have a powerful voice when addressing issues that you do not quite understand or feel that they are out of balance.  Crows are the bringer of messages from the spirit world, and is thought to dwell beyond the realm of time and space.

When you meet crow, he could be telling you that there will be changes in your life and that possibly you should step by the usual way you view reality and look into the inner realms …walk your talk…be prepared to let go of your old thinking and embrace a new way of viewing yourself and the world.

You can choose which gemstone you wish to accompany your crow pendant. The gemstones will be round or oval in shape depending on stock levels.

Purple Amethyst – Love & Healing

Pink Rose Quartz – Love & Compassion

Brown Smokey Quartz – Strength & Courage

Green Onyx – Confidence & Guidance

Made from: Sterling silver Crow and feather charm, sterling silver gemstone charms. Presented on a sterling silver 20 inch chain.  All of the Elizabeth Caroline Spiritual Jewellery pieces and Mala Beads come presented in a beautifully branded jewellery box wrapped in ribbon.

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