Mala Repairs

Mala Repairs


Mala Repairs

If your mala breaks, please don’t worry! It is said when a mala necklace breaks, it’s a shift in your karma. This can be a very positive sign that the energetic vibration of the gemstones within your mala designs have assisted with your personal and spiritual growth.

We are happy to restring your Elizabeth Caroline Mala Necklace, but to do this, we will need to send items back to India to our fabulous mala makers. If a mala necklace breaks, it has to be made as new, from scratch. Therefore there is a repair fee of £38.

This service isn’t meant to be an income generator for us, we are simply covering postage and packaging costs and also our mala makers fee to repair your item.

1. Please provide ALL pieces to the necklace or bracelet. We will do our best to replace any missing pieces given that they are common pieces or parts that are in our current inventory. We cannot replace guru stones.

2. Please include a return address + payment confirmation. When the repair is complete, in approximately in 3 to 4 weeks, it will be shipped back to you.

5. All sales are NOT applicable to mala repairs.

Simply add the “Mala Repair” to your cart and select “Check Out”.

Please send your Mala repair to:

Elizabeth Caroline
126A High Street

We will repair all of our products for free within 90 days of purchase if sent back to us. After 90 days, please purchase a mala repair for service.

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