Moon Mist Aura Spray

Moon Mist Aura Spray


Loved by Victoria Beckham and made by one of Elizabeth Caroline’s personal healer friends Paolo Lai, everyone is starting to hear about the healing benefits of the Moon Mist.

Moon Mist, is a Aura Spray, made with the purest crystal water and bathed in full moonlight. Enriched with essential oils, a little bit of alcohol to preserve it and a pinch of Himalayan rock salt. Your Aura spray was charged by the vibrations of a sacred singing bowl to ensure the maximum healing, emotional clarity and purification. It can be used to cleanse rooms or clear spaces, as a meditation aid, on a pillow at night or to simply spritz around oneself to cleanse and balance the aura.

Oils used:

Palo santo, used in South America by shamans and medicine people for its powerful cleansing and purifying healing power. it was used to improve respiratory issues, stress, anxiety and inflammation and inspiring creativity. Evoking protection and bringing love and good fortune .

Sage, neutralises negative energy and protects against emotional tension, brings positive energy into your life.

Rose, called the queen of oils, with its extremely high vibration, improves emotional level and harmonises body and spirit.

Geranium, helps uplifting your mood, calms nervous system and induces deep relaxation.

Patchuli, extremely effective as an antidepressant, strengthen the mind and relaxes the body

Himalayan Rock Salt, purifies and rejuvenate energy field and Aura, eliminating emotional blockages and negative energy.

Crystals used:

Clear Quartz, or Master Healer, helps cleansing the energy around you, and transforms negative ions in positive ions. reduces radiation fro electronic devices. Bringing strengths and clarity to intellect.

Smoky Quartz, grounding stone, protects and balances energetic field.

Rose quartz, or Love stone, brings feminine energy and compassion, helps healing the heart with unconditional love.

Other crystals are added in relation to the moon and time of the year to strengthen the Aura spray.

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