New Mama Rose Quartz Bracelet

New Mama Rose Quartz Bracelet


The perfect gift for new mama’s or just to let your mama know how much you appreciate her. Crafted with the highest quality faceted stones of Rose quartz, Aquamarine and Pink Tourmaline our New Mama Bracelet will be cherised for years to come.

Rose Quartz, the heart stone, emanates with a gentle healing vibration.  The soft pink emanations of Rose Quartz comforts and heals any wounds the heart has suffered, penetrating the inner chambers of the Heart Chakra where emotional experiences are recorded and stored. It dissolves the sorrows, worries, fears and resentments suppressing the heart’s ability to give and receive love, and replaces it with healing, comfort and inner nourishment. A deep sense of personal fulfilment and energy forms a new foundation where inner peace and contentment can become a personal reality.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage, it is a powerful cleansing stone for the emotional body. It is also an excellent stone for balancing and grounding. It has a cleansing and gentle vibration, allowing for better relationships, love and compassion. It is a stone that is supportive of the throat chakra, the energy centre that governs our ability to express ourselves, communicate with others and speak our truth. Its calming energies reduce stress and induce a quiet and calm mind

Rubellite Tourmaline stimulates and activates a direct pathway between the Base Chakra and the Heart Chakra. It provides energy and vitality to the physical body, while incorporating the healing qualities of the heart with a loving consciousness.

Made From: High quality facted gemstones of Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Pink Tourmaline. You can choose between a sterling silver design or 24kt Gold Plated design.  The sterling silver design incoporates a heart charm with two baby feet stamped detailing. The gold plated design incoporates a round charm with one baby foot stamp detailing.

All of the Elizabeth Caroline London spiritual jewellery pieces are handmade in the UK by Elizabeth herself. Our fairtrade mala beads are crafted in India, by a group of talented ladies who are able to support their families due to working with us.  All of our pieces have been crafted with the intention of being so much more than just a beautiful piece of jewellery. Some designs are blessed with their own healing intention, others are symbolic of a particular life lesson or higher wisdom which has influenced its creation. Every piece is designed to remind, support or guide the wearer on their own path of personal growth and happiness. This bracelet is presented in a beautiful gold foil lotus flower branded box, wrapped with ribbon.


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Many of our pieces are handmade to order, please allow 7 days delivery time.