Elizabeth Caroline collection is designed to inspire and support the wearer on their own path of personal growth and happiness. Every piece has been designed with the intention of being so much more than just a beautiful piece of jewellery. Some designs are blessed with their own healing intention, others are symbolic of a particular life lesson or higher wisdom which has influenced its creation. The collection consists of mala jewellery, yoga mala bracelets, yoga mala necklaces and a selection of spiritually inspired charm pieces. Email: info@elizabethcaroline.co.uk
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Gift package for your spiritual jewellery

Tranquilty Bar Necklace


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What to Love

Our Tranquillity Bar Necklace has been designed using the deeply healing and soothing gemstone Kyanite. Created to evoke a deeper sense of traquillity and groundedness within the energy field of the wearer.

Kyanite:  Aligns subtle energy bodies and all major chakras, balances yin and yang, dispels energy blockages, calming, increases psychic abilities. Relates to the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Amazonite:  Healing, Speaking ones truth, aids communication, alleviates worry and fear. Relates to the Zodiac sign of Virgo.

Turquiose: Travel stone, wisdom, protection, balances chakras, instils inner calm.

Chakra’s: Throat

Zodiac signs: Virgo, Taurus and Sagittarius.


Made From

Kyanite, Turquoise and Amazonite gemstones with gold filled chain and findings.  Approximately 18-18.5 inches in length. All of the Elizabeth Caroline spiritual jewellery pieces come presented in a beautifully branded jewellery box wrapped in ribbon.



Our Tranquility Necklace is handmade to order in the garden of England. Please allow seven days for delivery.