Tree Of Life Mala Necklace

Tree Of Life Mala Necklace


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Tree of life: Strength, Wisdom, Longevity. It also represented rebirth. Trees shed their leaves in the autumn, hibernate in the winter, the leaves grow back in the spring and the tree is full of life in the summer. The Celtics honoured trees as the guardians of the land, a doorway to the spirit world.

Labradorite: Stone of Magic, a crystal of shamans, diviners and healers. Enhances intuitive abilities of clairvoyance. Aids meditation. Powerful protector of the aura. Deflects negativity. Assists in returning joy to the wearer.

Clear Quartz: Master healer. Enhances other gemstones vibration. Enhances psychic abilities. Aligns all seven of the major chakras.  Harmonising. Balancing.

This Elizabeth Caroline Mala Jewellery design is hand crafted in a the holy city of Rishikesh, known as the yoga capital of the world. A city filled with ashrams and the sound of temple bells that sits in foot hills of the Himalayas.  Our mala beads are blessed using ancient sacred rituals to activate their innate energetic qualities both in India and by Elizabeth, a qualified energy worker and healer.  Purchasing a sacred mala necklace from us means you are helping to empower our talented female artisans, enabling them to support both themselves and their families. Every spiritual jewellery piece from our collection comes presented in a luxury jewellery box wrapped with ribbon.




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