Zen Mindfulness

Elizabeth Caroline Zen Mindfulness

Learn the art of Zen Meditation and Mindfulness to connect more deeply with your life, your relationships and yourself.

Zen Mindfulness is an ancient practice that enables us to train the mind to be fully present with our lives. Fully aware of all that is happening around us or within us at any moment. And to do so without judgement or without becoming overly reactive to situations, challenges or our thoughts and feelings connected to such events. It’s a practice that gifts us with a deeper insight of how we can train the mind to cultivate more awareness of how we experience our life, in order to improve our happiness and our health.

A daily sitting meditation practice can bring more embodiment and more awareness of how we personally experience our lives through our thoughts and our senses. When we practice daily, this deeper sense of knowing becomes more readily available to us, which in turn gifts us with a deeper insight of who we actually are.

Elizabeth Caroline Zen Mindfulness Teacher
Does it really work?

In short, yes. As the global interest in mindfulness and meditation increases, there has subsequently been more scientific studies completed exploring the physiological and emotional effects of a regular meditation practice. According to neuroscience research, mindfulness practices dampen activity connections between the amygdala and prefrontal cortex in the brain. Both of these parts of the brain help us to be less reactive to stressors, as well as help us recover more effectively when we actually experience stress. Other studies have shown mindfulness meditation can increase our own sense of self-compassion, as well as the compassion we feel towards others, improve our concentration and performance. It is also a very effective tool in helping to support the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Elizabeth’s courses

Elizabeth is an ordained Lay Zen Buddhist, she has studied mindfulness and meditation for over twenty two years. Her own teacher and mentor is Daizan Skinner Roshi, the very first Englishman to be ordained as a Rinzai Zen Buddhist Master after training in Japan for many years with his own teacher Zen Master Shinzan Roshi.

She continues to have her own daily zazen practice and attends formal Zen Retreats (Shesshin) in order to continue to develop her own practice.  Her most sincere hope is that through her meditations and teachings she may help others discover the same benefits and insight that her own sitting practice has gifted her with.

Her popular and structured courses provide her students with the tools to explore how Zen mindfulness and meditation can help improve general health and wellbeing. Reduce stress and anxiety. Manage physical or emotional discomfort, as well as flourish into the truest and most authentic version of themselves. All of the practices Elizabeth teaches are deeply rooted in centuries-old Zen tradition. You do not need to be a Buddhist or have any experience in meditation to attend any of Elizabeth’s courses or workshops. You just need to be open to learn, and willing to attend  90 minute weekly sessions, whilst also committing to a 25 minute daily practice. Read more about our online courses here.

The Cost of this Life Changing Experience?

The basic eight week course costs £220.00, the four weeks compassion course £145.00, and includes four or eight sessions in person with Elizabeth, at Tonbridge Castle, in a dedicated space for cultivating mindfulness and compassion practices. All learning materials and full recordings of all of the meditations taught during the courses also included. Courses are specifically kept to small numbers.

The next in-person 4 week course is being held from the 23rd September 2023 at Tonbridge Castle.  View our courses here.

"Elizabeth’s compassion, kindness and wisdom is evident in her teachings. This course opened me up to a completely new way of looking at and thinking about my life. Remarkable."