5 ways to ground yourself

how to ground yourself

5 ways to ground yourself

Now that the weather is a little brighter, it is the perfect time to take to the great outdoors and soak up some of the beautifully nourishing and healing energy from the earth. 

Grounding is a practice that helps us to root into the body, enhance our sense of stability and support our root chakra – the energy centre in the body that helps us feel anchored, safe and gives us a sense of belonging. 

When things feel uncertain, you are anxious, nervous, worried or simply need to drop out of your head and prevent overwhelming over thinking – grounding yourself can really help. 

Here are five simple ways to ground yourself…

Feet first
Place both of your feet flat on the floor – it sounds so simple – and it is – but we are so often crossing our legs when seated, in a car, or rushing – that the simple act of just placing your feet on the floor can bring a sense of balance and stability to the whole body. You can do this seated or standing. 

Plugging in
Once your feet are firmly on the floor bring your whole awareness to the soles of your feet and notice how the ground beneath is supporting them. Move your attention from the heels, to the balls of the feet, and then to all of the toes and consciously think about each area. Then imagine that you are plugging your feet into the ground – use a little pressure if you need to bring a firmer sensation. This can be done seated or standing – but standing definitely helps to connect with a firmer foundation. 

Go barefoot
Whenever you can go barefoot – removing any materials between your feet and the ground will help you to get closer to the earth and help you feel more grounded. Particularly if you are wearing high heels or thick soled shoes made from synthetic fabrics – this can almost act as a block between you and the ground. 

Go barefoot in nature
To supercharge being barefoot – take your shoes and socks off outside and sink your feet into the natural terrain. Whether it is the earth or grass, there is something so soothing about feeling the sensations of the ground holding your feet tenderly. If you want to bring more of a mindful practice to this then you can do a slow walking meditation by connecting your breath and/or a mantra (I am grounded) as you carefully place your feet down on the ground.  You can also listen to a grounding meditation with Elizabeth on Insight Timer.

Crystal healing 
Using a crystal that offers a grounding energy can be very soothing, and easily accessible in troubling times. Smoky Quartz is our favourite grounding crystal and can be held as a small piece in your hand or worn in jewellery to provide you with a wonderful energetic anchor for uncertain times. 

We hope that these grounding practices provide you with some simple ways to soothe yourself when times feel a little wobbly.